Reflections from Gartner IAM 2017

By Tom Ammirati

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GDPR Countdown – The View from Six Months Out

Editor’s Note:

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Microgateways: Zero Trust Security for the Microservices World

According to a recent Forrester report, The Future Of Identity And Access Management, microservices-based IAM is fast-replacing complex and monolithic legacy solutions. Why?  Microservices- and API-based solutions show faster time-to-value, provide flexibility for changing requirements, and support mobile and IoT technologies.

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The CSO’s 4 Key Takeaways from Gartner IAM 2017

This was my first year attending the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit and I found it to be a worthwhile investment of my time.  I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that an effective security program is inherently dependent on identity, the identity of people, the devices they use, and the context around how, when, and where they use those devices. This holds for both an internal view of security (protecting an enterprise), as well as the external view (protecting your customer-facing systems and services).

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The New Retail: Examples of Adaptable Commerce Platforms in Action

In my previous posts, I’d explored the future evolution of ecommerce, and why DevOps, microservices and identity will be cornerstones of the flexible and agile retail platforms of the future. One factor compelling this movement is how monolithic platforms present increasing issues, particularly as more applications are deployed in the Cloud.

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The Network Effect & How a Platform Can Build an Ecosystem

I wanted to start this blog (my first at ForgeRock) with something I passionately believe:

You don’t get to choose if your software products are a platform - your customers and partners decide. The resulting ecosystem is the sign marker that will let you know if you have arrived.

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The 5G Trust Equation: Network + Identity = Opportunity

With 5G arriving as soon as 2018, the communications industry technology, standards, and business models will underpin significant portions of consumer and enterprise technology platforms. Those platforms need to be designed with identity, trust and security in mind, as they power a more connected, global ecosystem.

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In The Future, Retail Commerce Platforms Will Be Built With DevOps, Microservices and Identity

In my previous post, I discussed the state of retail commerce platforms and why adaptability is the single most important attribute for long-term success in the retail industry. As leading mega-retailers like Amazon, Rakuten and Alibaba have proven, building your own commerce infrastructure offers flexibility and agility unmatched by the traditional platform providers.

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Commerce Platforms of the Future

The commerce platforms retailers are embracing today look and function far differently than the commerce platforms retailers were using just 10 to 15 years ago. Charles Darwin made a clear and compelling statement an age ago when he said that it was not the strongest or most intelligent that will survive but the ones that are most adaptable to change. Never has a truer statement been made when considering the global retail landscape over the past decade.

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Upcoming Events:

PSD2 & GDPR Forum Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

At Kinfos – we have recognised there is significance in understanding, expectations, what is actually allowed and how GDPR can impact the actual implementation of PSD2, therefore, we are hosting Europe’s first ever combined forum on PSD2 and GDPR with an aim to clear such clouds and work towards finding a possible soluti

eTail: The eCommerce and Omnichannel Conference

Palm Springs, California

Born in 1999, eTail is where the top minds at America’s most successful retailers meet and learn. With the most disruptive content and focus on technology, eTail is designed to help you optimize the profits from your business. No commercials. No egos. We cut out the fluff to give you hundreds of strategic takeaways.